We Streamline Web Email

We provide a very simple email solution so you can receive messages from your web platforms without the worry of them going to spam or never being delivered.

We provide custom professional email handles so your customers know who they are dealing with.

Our pricing is simple too!

Custom Email Handles

Stand out from the crowd with custom email handles tailored to your individuality. Say goodbye to generic email addresses and embrace personalized communication that leaves a lasting impression.

Integrate with Gmail & outlook

Our custom email handles effortlessly integrate with Gmail and Outlook, ensuring a smooth communication experience. Access your personalised emails from any platform, including a convenient web view. Stay connected wherever you go.

Mega Storage

Elevate your email experience with our Mega Email Storage Plan, offering an expansive 5GB of space. This large storage capacity allows you to keep extensive email archives, manage large attachments easily, and ensure that you never run out of room for your important communications.

Backups Included

Have peace of mind with our email service, where automatic backups come standard, ensuring your data is always safe and recoverable. There's no need for pricey add-ons; our service simplifies email management while providing robust protection. Every email is automatically backed up.

Simple Pricing Structure

Only €5.00 per email per month. Enjoy the benefits of custom email handles without any complicated pricing tiers. With our simple and affordable structure, you can personalise your communication at a budget-friendly rate. Upgrade your email experience today.

Website messages & Logs

Effortless Website Messaging: Send messages directly from your website with guaranteed delivery and zero spam. Our service ensures seamless communication, while email logs provide valuable insights. Experience reliable message delivery and track your email activity effortlessly. Elevate your online interactions today.

The Reality of Hassle-Free Web Management

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