About Us

Greenberry is a Software & Web Development Company, focused on delivering successful projects for our clients to help them succeed!
We develop software platforms for small to medium sized businesses, community projects, National Schools and NFP's.

People @ Greenberry

Currently, Greenberry is a sole venture of Bernard McWeeney, a 22 year old, DCU Graduate in Business Computing.

I started the concept of Greenberry during the 2020 Global Covid-19 pandemic, during this time I began developing web solutions to help enable businesses and religious organisations connect to their customers & parishioners during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Since then, I have continued to develop software and web based solutions for a range of different businesses, community projects, NFP's and National Schools.
Greenberry is just a nice way for me to package all my offerings into one entity.

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  • Bernard McWeeney @ Greenberry